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Rates & Terms

Note: These rates and terms do not apply to Stanford University. For work at Stanford, see At Stanford.

Sharon Krossa's standard rates

Hourly/daily rates

Rates apply both to teaching time and to any other agreed upon work (e.g., written instructions, including replies to email questions, existing site exploration, solution research, etc.) and is billed in 15 minute increments. 

  • Technical training: $150/hour or $1000/day
  • Technical consulting: $150/hour or $1000/day
  • Scottish history consulting: $75/hour or $500/day

Non-profit disount: 20%

Travel time and expenses

If the agreed upon work involves more than one (1) hours travel from Los Altos, California, both travel time and travel expenses must be covered.

Travel time

Travel time is billed at the lessor of standard hourly or daily rates. The non-profit discount may be applied to travel time (but not to travel expenses).

Food and lodging

For the sake of simplicity and predictability, food and lodging expenses shall be calculated using the US Government Services Administration (GSA) Per Diem rates for the relevant date and US location or the US Department of State Per Diem Rates for the relevant date and non-US location, unless other mutually agreed arrangements are made.


If Sharon uses her own car for travel, the expenses shall be calculated using the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Standard Mileage Rates for the relevant date(s) and distances involved.

For all other forms of transportation (air, train, bus, rental car), the expenses will be the actual costs involved, including tickets, fees, fuel, etc.

Standard terms


There is no minimum number of sessions.

There is a one (1) hour minimum per consulting/training session.

There is an eight (8) hour maximum per day.

Sessions that last longer than two (2) hours must include reasonable breaks.

Cancellation policy

Sessions may be cancelled with no penalty if at least 24 hours advance notice is given. If the client cancels a session with less than 24 hours advance notice, there will be a cancellation fee equivalent to one hour of work. If Sharon Krossa cancels a session with less than 24 hours advance notice, the client will be entitled to reschedule the session with a discount equivalent to one hour's fee.

Payment policy

Payment for the first session is due in advance, but thereafter on completion of each session (unless otherwise mutually agreed).

Payment may be made by check, direct deposit, wire transfer, Chase QuickPay, PopMoney, Paypal, or another mutually agreed method. Regardless of method, the client is responsible for all transaction fees, if any.